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Read FAQs Before Truck Hire in Bangalore

How can I hire best tempo truck companies at

You can simply hire the best truck tempo companies at at ease. Here firstly, check the premium mini tempo service providers, check their reviews, charges and then hire over call or to visit their office directly.

Are the listed truck tempo companies verified on

Yes, all the listed premium truck services providers are verified and authenticated. Our Team of professional are associated with the truck service companies and check their document carefully.

Does BookMyTempo charge from the end user?

No, we never charge a single penny from the user.

What kind of truck can be hired at BookMyTempo?

You can hire various commercial vehicle at BookMyTempo, few of them like- Tata Ace/Chhota Hathi, Tata 407, Mahindra Champion, Mahindra PickUp, Tata 207, Mahindra Plus, Piaggio Ape etc. 

What will be after submitting tempo request through filling query form?

Well, after sending your tempo request, at BookMyTempo we will shortlist the top 3-4 truck tempo transporters that are most suitable as per your requirement. You will receive 3-4 best quotation that will help you to compare charges of different tempo transporters.

What is the load capacity of Chhota Hathi or Tata Ace Tempo?

Tata Ace Tempo Capacity is 750 kg and LBH are 7ft x 4.5ft x 5.5ft respectively. Tata Ace truck is the most in demand due to its high-class service and it is very feasible for narrow street in India.

Who can hire Chhota Hathi truck on Rent?

Everyone, who have to shift or move their valuable belongings like home appliance, furniture, small goods, heavy items, fruits, vegetables, grocery, clothes, sanatory, electronics, foods, pesticides, medicines, beverages, small machines, pets, animals and fertilizer etc.

How to hire online tempo service near me?

Online tempo service near me – Now, you can hire online tempo service near you quickly. At BookMyTempo, we connect with best tempo that offer affordable online truck booking. You only send your requirement, and truck service provider will contact you in no time. And then, you can book a truck online after getting rates and its availability. 

Testimonial: The Words Post Service

When I was looking for truck on rent to shift my goods to my new house in Delhi, I found myself unable to find the reliable truck for shifting then I searched on Google and I found that deliver instant solution and really so much trustworthy.
Ajay Bhanu
Ajay BhanuDelhi, Manager
I have shifted my household stuffs in Gurgaon with the help of worthwhile Truck service support provider It’s the best source to hire the suitable and affordable truck on ultimate facility in order to secure goods while transporting to another place.
MalkeetGurgaon, Business
Really amazing truck facility for shifting goods in Noida, I can never forget the optimum experience I got from while I was worried about moving and searching truck on rental, I got connected to the best truck service company by
UppalBangalore, Director
I had lack of time when I shifted my goods, I was in need of quick truck on rental service provider then one of my friends suggested me to hire through Seriously, it worked wonder. I didn’t need to search truck and all done well. Thanks You...

Book Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore at Affordable Prices

The Tata 407 is one of the most popular light commercial vehicles in India. The Indian automaker has sold more than 12 lakh units of this truck till now. It started producing the 407 Truck in 1986 and demands are still pretty high for this truck. You can easily spot it in any city in India. 

People often wonder why this LCV segment truck got the 407 name. “4” represents the capacity of this truck, which is 4 tonnes. 07 represents the 70 bhp diesel engine of the truck. BookMyTempo can help you in finding the most trusted Tata 407 truck renting services if you wish to rent this truck online. We can help you with booking

Many packers and movers use Tata 407 to transport clients’ household items safely to their new homes. It got a loading span of 8.3 ft. You can set all the heavy household appliances, furniture, and other items safely in the fixed deck. A skilled driver will ensure your luggage reaches the new residence safely. 

Book Tata 407 on rent for house shifting in Bangalore on BookMyTempo. Our service transporter will charge the most reasonable fee to transport your belongings anywhere from Bangalore to All over India.  

Do you need a truck to ship heavy cement bags to a new construction site? Look no further because Tata 407 is the most reliable light commercial vehicle for shipping construction materials. 

Indian truck operators always use this truck to ship cement, sand, bricks, tiles, and other materials. It can easily load materials weighing up to 4 tonnes. Such a huge loading capacity and 70 bhp power encourage users to book Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for cement supply

Farmers all over the country seek high-quality fertilizers to grow healthy crops. Fertilizer wholesalers and retailers use light commercial vehicles to ship their products. Tata 407 is their first choice because of its mileage. It got a decent mileage of 7 to 70 kilometres per litre. Therefore, it is widely used for shipping fertilizers and other supplies. 

You should get Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for fertilizer supply. BookMyTempo will help you in finding the most reputed Tata 407 renting agencies in your neighbourhood. Find them now to start shipping fertilizers as soon as possible. 

Are you looking for India’s most reliable light commercial vehicle for shipping heavy machinery? BookMyTempo is the best place to find transport services renting Tata 407 for heavy machinery delivery. 

Our service associates frequently ship heavy machines to industrial areas situated around the national capital. So, you will get the best deal on booking Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for heavy machinery delivery. 

Have you started a courier business in Bangalore? You will need a fast and reliable vehicle to deliver all parcels on time. We have helped users booking Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for InterCity courier service. Try our services now if you wish to secure the best deal on Tata 407 rentals. 

Our service associates promise to provide clean and well-maintain 407 trucks. Closed-body Tata 407 trucks will keep your clients’ parcels safe. Skilled drivers will ship fragile and heavy parcels safely to the recipient’s doorsteps. 

This truck can carry anything under its loading capacity. It is a perfect choice for shipping lightweight and heavy luggage to far-located destinations. Our users regularly book Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for luggage delivery

Hotels and resorts rent this truck to carry the luggage of guests attending a major event. Besides, it is the best-suited light commercial vehicle for taking luggage outside Bangalore for social and corporate events. 

All the major LPG providers serve customers in Bangalore. They have established agencies across the city. They cannot use large trucks to ship LPG cylinders. Therefore, Tata 407 is the most favoured LCV for shipping LPG cylinders in the city. 

Book Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for LPG cylinder delivery on BookMyTempo if you also need an affordable truck for LPG gas delivery. It will boost your profits and help you serve more customers at a time. 

Those days are gone when people used to book band parties for weddings and other social events. Every customer seeks a high-quality DJ setup to enjoy the event. 

Most DJs do not have personal vehicles to carry DJ machines and speakers. They book Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore for DJ booking. It helps them in carrying all the required equipment safely across the narrow streets of the city. 

Do you need a truck for moving heavy furniture to a new office or your new house? Book Tata 407 on Rent for furniture delivery. You can ship multiple beds, couches, chairs, tables, and other furniture in this light commercial vehicle at a time. 

Fruits and vegetable wholesalers need to ship large quantities of fresh products to the local market. Small pickup trucks and loading autos got limited space and loading capacity. Therefore, vegetable wholesalers and retailers book Tata 407 on rent for fruit and vegetable delivery in Bangalore. 

Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore - Try Out the Best Assistance from BookMyTempo

BookMyTempo is one of the most popular and trusted aggregators of truck rental in Bangalore and provides various kinds of trucks on demand in order to transport the goods and consignments for their long list of customers. We have built a strong network across Bangalore by registering the genuine and most trusted service providers of Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore. When you hire Tata 407 in Bangalore, then you can be assured that your goods would be transported safely to your stated destination by well-maintained vehicles on time by reliable drivers.

Our reliable partners who also offer Tata 407 and Tata Ace on rent in Bangalore primarily caters to a wide array of transportation needs of the individual clients and businesses, and our vision is always to make you avail cost-effective and seamless transportation for all with the greatest level of convenience at their doorsteps.

Why should you use BookMyTempo to hire Tata 407 in Bangalore?

There are several good reasons for using BookMyTemp to hire Tata 407 in Bangalore. Some of the reasons are as follows:

How BookMyTempo can guide and help you in your home shifting in the city of Bangalore?

BookMyTempo is an aggregator of different models of Tata 407 in Bangalore and has stellar reputations of offering the best solutions when it comes to goods carrier services and logistics. This also further ensures that the drivers and supervisors are courteous and punctual. They will answer all your queries patiently. So, online Tata 407 booking in Bangalore through BookMyTempo is worth it.

Will you be charged extra for waiting time when you book a Tata 407 in Bangalore?

Yes, there are extra charges for waiting time but this would be applicable only after a specified period of time as communicated by the supervisor at the time of the deal.

What are the items which are usually not allowed to load in a Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore?

There are certain possessions like liquids/oils which are usually not allowed to be carried in a Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore. Pets, flower pots & inflammable items are strictly not allowed to be loaded in a Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore.

Can you cancel a booking which is already made?

The bookings done by the customers are handled in an automated way and are confirmed by the Customer Service Center. This is understandable that at times there are changes in plans and you may require canceling a booking that you have made. In such cases, you should make it a point that you inform us reasonably soon so that we can avoid the booked Tata 407 from reporting to the stated location.

To conclude, Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore is one of the most frequently used goods transportation services which is being used for home shifting and transportation of the various business consignments.

Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore – Book Your Truck Need With Confidence

BookMyTempo is one of the leading and reputed transportation service support company in Bangalore. This is the platform that lets you choose the top-rated Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore under your budget. We have a huge collection of licensed Tata 407 for Shifting in Bangalore firms. So, you are free to Book Online Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore. People get afraid just because of the availability of non-professional in the market. Considering so many facts we came to the decision to establish a platform where we can protect you from the fraudulent practice.

We paced an emphatic step in the industry. So now you do not need to make an investigation of the company you hire through us as we have all the details about the company you are going to hire. Moreover, we have all the verified and experienced Tata 407 for Luggage Shifting in Bangalore agencies. So do not take any tension while Booking Online Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore company to move your goods from Bangalore to another location.  You can come across the Tata 407 Charges, Price Reviews in Bangalore accessing our website.

 If you really need transportation service then get in touch with us and Book online Tata 407 on Rent in Bangalore in a single click. Nowadays in growing business people move from one place to another to Hire Tata 407 on Rent per km in Bangalore. Well, you can Hire Tata 407 for Shifting in Bangalore from anywhere but what is the guarantee that they are secure. On the other hand, BookMyTempo assures you to provide reliable Tata 407 in Rental in Bangalore firm.  It all depends on your need or requirement for the customer that cannot afford the complete service; we offer customized service to our customers. You will have the best Tata 407 Charges in Bangalore with our support.

Hire Tata 407 for Luggage Shifting in Bangalore getting connected with us through our website. It is so simple to Hire Tata 407 Rental in Bangalore or Hire Tata 407 on Rent per KM in Bangalore at affordable Charges.

Quickly Make Online Tata 407 Booking in Bangalore

No challenge is there to make tata 407 booking in Bangalore or Tata 407 booking in Bangalore, You can contact us and we will arrange a tata 407 booking in Bangalore in a few minutes for you. Before book a Tata 407 transport, you must confirm the condition of tempo and how much load or box you can load in Tata 407.

Can I Hire Tata 407 on Rent per km in Bangalore?

Tata 407 rate per km in Bangalore totally depends on truck transporters, the charges of tata 407 on rent per km in Bangalore are 0-5Km is Rs.800, 6km to 20km rate is Rs 45 per km, and more than 20km is Rs. 35 per km approximately. We give you multiple options to compare various transporters charges of tata 407 rates per km in Bangalore with us.

Is It Good to Hire Tata 407 for Shifting in Bangalore?

Nowadays, the truck is in demand and people ask Tata 407 for Shifting in Bangalore for personal and business use. It is a good decision to book a tata 407 truck that suitable for everyone for low budget shifting. Tata 407 capacities are 2000kg approximately hence it is easy to compare before booking if it is feasible for tata 407 for shifting your goods weather in the same city or a different city.

How to Search Tata 407 Transport for Rent in Bangalore?

You do not need to visit any transport directly for getting their charges or hiring Tata 407 transport, At BookMyTempo we only provide all the detail such as their contact number, reviews, address, other related documents which are helpful for you to book a tata 407 truck transport for rent in Bangalore.

List of Approx. Charges for tata 407 on rent in Bangalore

tata 407 for Shifting Rates
Base Price Rs 285
Price Per Km 4 to 15 Rs 76 Per Km
Price Per Km (16-80) Rs 85 Per Km
Waiting Time Free for 60 Mins
Loading Charges (by Driver) Rs 452
Hourly Charges Rs.149


No of Hours Kms Price
2 Up to 20 355
4 Up to 40 556
8 Up to 60 892



Tata 407 for house shifting is one of the most frequently rented light commercial vehicles in India. Users search for Tata 407 on rent on BookMyTempo for e-commerce product supplies, construction material shipping, house shifting, and transporting various other items. 

They choose this platform to book Tata 407 on rent in Bangalore because we ensure they pay affordable rentals. Do you also want to find the most affordable Tata 407 renting agencies in Bangalore? Search them on BookMyTempo now. Our service associates will send Tata 407 for shipping anything it can carry safely. 

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