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Read FAQs Before Truck Hire in Kalyan

How can I hire best tempo truck companies at

You can simply hire the best truck tempo companies at at ease. Here firstly, check the premium mini tempo service providers, check their reviews, charges and then hire over call or to visit their office directly.

Are the listed truck tempo companies verified on

Yes, all the listed premium truck services providers are verified and authenticated. Our Team of professional are associated with the truck service companies and check their document carefully.

Does BookMyTempo charge from the end user?

No, we never charge a single penny from the user.

What kind of truck can be hired at BookMyTempo?

You can hire various commercial vehicle at BookMyTempo, few of them like- Tata Ace/Chhota Hathi, Tata 407, Mahindra Champion, Mahindra PickUp, Tata 207, Mahindra Plus, Piaggio Ape etc. 

What will be after submitting tempo request through filling query form?

Well, after sending your tempo request, at BookMyTempo we will shortlist the top 3-4 truck tempo transporters that are most suitable as per your requirement. You will receive 3-4 best quotation that will help you to compare charges of different tempo transporters.

What is the load capacity of Chhota Hathi or Tata Ace Tempo?

Tata Ace Tempo Capacity is 750 kg and LBH are 7ft x 4.5ft x 5.5ft respectively. Tata Ace truck is the most in demand due to its high-class service and it is very feasible for narrow street in India.

Who can hire Chhota Hathi truck on Rent?

Everyone, who have to shift or move their valuable belongings like home appliance, furniture, small goods, heavy items, fruits, vegetables, grocery, clothes, sanatory, electronics, foods, pesticides, medicines, beverages, small machines, pets, animals and fertilizer etc.

How to hire online tempo service near me?

Online tempo service near me – Now, you can hire online tempo service near you quickly. At BookMyTempo, we connect with best tempo that offer affordable online truck booking. You only send your requirement, and truck service provider will contact you in no time. And then, you can book a truck online after getting rates and its availability. 

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When I was looking for truck on rent to shift my goods to my new house in Delhi, I found myself unable to find the reliable truck for shifting then I searched on Google and I found that deliver instant solution and really so much trustworthy.
Ajay Bhanu
Ajay BhanuDelhi, Manager
I have shifted my household stuffs in Gurgaon with the help of worthwhile Truck service support provider It’s the best source to hire the suitable and affordable truck on ultimate facility in order to secure goods while transporting to another place.
MalkeetGurgaon, Business
Really amazing truck facility for shifting goods in Noida, I can never forget the optimum experience I got from while I was worried about moving and searching truck on rental, I got connected to the best truck service company by
UppalBangalore, Director
I had lack of time when I shifted my goods, I was in need of quick truck on rental service provider then one of my friends suggested me to hire through Seriously, it worked wonder. I didn’t need to search truck and all done well. Thanks You...

Book Online Chota Hathi on Rent in Kalyan for Shifting Goods

The Tata Motors company has always tried to provide customers with powerful, robust, and pocket-friendly commercial vehicles. Reasonable costs and satisfying after-sales service help this company attract more buyers each year. 

Tata Ace is one of India’s best-selling light commercial vehicles. People rent it to move a wide variety of goods. FabsMeta makes it super easy to get Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan and other major cities of India. You can get:

House shifting is a stressful task. You need to pack, move, and unpack all household items to settle comfortably in a new location. You can move all the items quickly if you book Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan for house shifting. It provides sufficient space to move all heavy appliances, furniture, decorative items, and fragile household items safely. 

Being the textile hub of India, Kalyan got many industries producing a wide variety of goods. All those industries build and move a wide range of products, including machines. Tata Ace is a perfect vehicle to move goods produced in industries. 

Companies book Chota Hathi on Rent Kalyan for Machinery Transport, mainly to ship small quantities of goods to warehouses. It makes moving goods and machinery an extremely pocket-friendly task for business owners. 

Gas distribution companies are establishing gas pipelines across the country. A majority of households still use gas cylinders to get liquid petroleum gas. Suppliers get Tata Ace on rent in Kalyan for LPG gas delivery. 

It got better mileage than other light commercial vehicles. Besides, it can move easily through busy streets. Therefore, it is a perfect vehicle for gas cylinder distribution.  

A large number of shopkeepers, corporate offices, businesses, industries, and household use mineral water in Kalyan. Drinking water suppliers ship 20-litre water bottles to provide clean and mineral-rich water to customers. They get Tata Ace on rent in Kalyan for drinking water supply. This vehicle can carry a much larger number of water jugs than 3-wheeled commercial vehicles! 

Buyers in Kalyan are extremely smart. They compare product prices in various stores before placing the order. E-commerce companies frequently ship thousands of goods to this city. They collaborate with companies like Ekart to deliver customers’ goods on time. 

Tata Ace makes it easy to carry multiple large and small goods simultaneously. Therefore, shipping companies frequently get Tata Ace on rent in Kalyan for e-commerce items delivery. 

Moving companies and parcel shipping companies use large vehicles only to ship furniture to another state or city. They carry furniture in light commercial vehicles to ship to their customer’s locations. 

Whether you have to shift furniture to another neighbourhood or city, get Tata Ace on rent in Kalyan for furniture shifting. It will keep your furniture safe and ship it to the new destination on the same day. 

Locals in Kalyan rent DJs frequently for wedding functions, birthdays, corporate parties, and other celebrations. Sometimes DJs need to move through crowded areas, where large trucks may get stuck. Therefore, DJ operators book Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan for DJ booking. 

Chota Hathi is large and powerful enough to carry a DJ machine, speakers, and lights safely. Besides, it can leave ample space on the road to let other vehicles pass conveniently. 

Many community groups in Kalyan establish pandals to celebrate Ganesh Utsav. It is a 10-day celebration and devotees organize many events during the Ganesh Utsav. Adorers book Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan for Ganesh Visarjan when the 10-day festival is over. 

This vehicle assures that the Ganesh Pratima will move safely to the lake or river. Therefore, most groups prefer to rent Tata Ace instead of renting tractors or large trucks. 

Kalyan is a huge city. Fruit and vegetable sellers source fresh supplies from many cities, villages, and states. They need to move fresh items quickly to local vendors across the city. Tata Ace provides the space and speed required to ship perishable goods safely. Therefore, many farmers get Chota Hathi on Hire in Kalyan for Fruits and Vegetable Shifting. 

Construction materials, such as cement, ballast, sand, iron rods, tiles, etc. are heavy items. Many contractors order construction materials in limited quantities because of a lack of storage. They get Chota Hathi for Rent in Kalyan for Construction Material Shifting. It is the best vehicle to ship construction materials economically in Kalyan. 

Quick Tips

You can spot many Tata Aces on Kalyan’s streets. Renting Chota Hathi may seem like a daunting task if you are searching for it on the streets. Use FabsMeta to discover the nearest Chota Hathi rental agencies in Kalyan. You will get Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan within a few minutes and move the required items quickly.  

List of Approx. Charges for chota hathi on rent in Kalyan

Tata ace for Shifting Rates
Base Price Rs 295
Price Per Km 4 to 15 Rs 81 Per Km
Price Per Km (16-80) Rs 91 Per Km
Waiting Time Free for 60 Mins
Loading Charges (by Driver) Rs 459
Hourly Charges Rs.158


No of Hours Kms Price
2 Up to 20 363
4 Up to 40 563
8 Up to 60 899

Get Chota Hathi on Rent in Kalyan, Tata ace on Rent in Kalyan

Kalyan, a city in Maharashtra, India, is a bustling metropolis known for its rapid development and growing population. With the city's expanding infrastructure, it can be challenging to navigate the goods through the city's busy streets or outstation moving. One solution to this problem is to rent a Chota Hathi in Kalyan.

By doing so, you can avoid the stress of dealing with traffic and parking and ensure that you reach your destination on timely. With a Chota Hathi, you can easily transport goods and materials around the city and take advantage of the city's growing industrial and commercial opportunities. Whether you're a business owner, a delivery service, or a contractor, tata ace on rent in Kalyan can help you move goods and materials efficiently, saving you time and money.

Key benefit of booking Chota Hathi for  Rent in Kalyan

Compact size and manoeuvrability: Chota Hathi's compact size allows it to navigate through narrow streets and traffic easily, making it ideal for transportation in crowded urban areas like Kalyan.

Cost-effective: Renting or hiring a tata ace in Kalyan can be more cost-effective than larger vehicles as they are generally cheaper to rent or maintain.

Versatility: Chota Hathi's can be used for various purposes, including transporting goods and materials and even as a delivery vehicle. The main uses of Tata Ace are transporting goods and materials. In transport, It can be used to carry items such as construction materials, medical supplies, and even agricultural products. Another popular use of Tata Ace is as a delivery vehicle. Many businesses use it for making small package deliveries within city limits.

Low maintenance: Chota Hathi's are known for their durability and low maintenance, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Wide availability: Chota Hathi's are widely available for rent or hire in Kalyan, making it easy to find a rental company and book a vehicle quickly.

Fuel efficiency: Tata Ace is known for its fuel efficiency which helps in reducing the overall renting cost. The fuel efficiency reduces the overall maintenance cost. It means, for a given distance, the vehicle will consume less fuel compared to other vehicles, leading to cost savings for the owner and for user who hire this mini tempo.

In conclusion, BookMyTempo is a great option for those looking to hire a Chota hathi, i.e. Tata Ace for Rent in Kalyan. BookMyTempo offers an online booking service that makes it easy to rent a vehicle from the comfort of your home. And have a wide range of Chota hathi available for hire, which can be used for various purposes, such as transportation of goods, and materials, and even as a delivery vehicle.

With BookMyTempo, you can be sure that you're getting a reliable and well-maintained vehicle at a reasonable price. Additionally, its customer service is top-notch, and they are always ready to help you with any queries or concerns. In short, if you are looking for an easy, efficient and affordable way to rent a Chota hathi online in Kalyan, look no further than BookMyTempo.

How can I find Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan?

You can find Chota Hathi on rent in Kalyan by searching online for local rental companies like BookMyTempo or "Chota hathi on rent near me", or "Tata ace on rent near me" on Google. Booking a Chota hathi for your transportation needs can be a hassle-free process. Here's how you can book one for yourself in Kalyan:-

Step 1: Visit the BookMyTempo website and navigate to the “Rent Tata Ace” page.

Step 2: Select the location and date of pickup, and the location of drop-off.

Step 3: Choose the type of Tata Ace you need based on your goods or luggage capacity.

Step 4: Review your booking details, including the pickup and drop-off locations, the date and time of pickup, and the type of Tata Ace you have selected.

Step 5: Proceed to checkout and enter your personal details.

By following these steps, you will get a call back to book a Tata Ace for your transportation needs hassle-free.

What is the cost of Chota Hathi on Rent in Kalyan?

The cost of renting a Chota Hathi in Kalyan can vary depending on the rental company, the type of vehicle, and the duration of the rental. It's best to compare prices from different rental companies and consider your specific needs before deciding.

Is it safe to book Tata Ace on rent in Kalyan?

Yes, it is safe to rent a Tata Ace in Kalyan as long as you choose a reputable rental company. Reputable rental agencies carefully inspect their drivers to make sure they are trustworthy and safe. Numerous businesses also provide GPS tracking, allowing you to constantly know where your Tata Ace is.

How can I confirm of the Tata Ace rental booking when I need it?

It is preferable to reserve your Tata Ace on rent in Kalyan in advance to ensure that it will be accessible on the day you need it for relocating. By doing this, you can be confident that your Chota hathi is reserved just for you and will be at your address on the time and date you reserved for. Before finalizing your reservation, you can also confirm if the vehicle is still available or not.

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